Daniel Student

Creativity and human centered empathy in the body of an MBA candidate

What I offer

For a can't miss rate of only $40/hr, Daniel Student is an up and coming script consultant for screenwriters and playwrights alike. With a background in theater direction and a writer himself, Daniel will comb through your script and offer ideas that will spark your creativity and edits that will tighten your plot and structure. Give him a try! What do you have to lose?

What My writers say

Daniel doesn't just give you notes on what you've written; he finds the notes waiting in the white space on the page, the things the characters know and feel about each other that the writer hasn't even realized. Then, instead of exhausting you with nitpicks, he gives you one or two simple suggestions that, if you follow them, reveal to you all that he sees lying in wait.

-Daniel Imperiale, Screenwriter

Daniel gives brilliant, insightful notes. He gives his honest feedback along with clear reasoning for his advice. Perhaps what I valued most was that he gave actual "pitches" i.e. possible fixes for plot problems. Though I didn't necessarily employ them verbatim--hey I don't want to pay Daniel royalties!--they got me thinking in the right direction.

-Marco Moreno Flores, Writer


Contact Daniel

Reach out to Daniel at daniel@danielstudent.com or give him a call at 215-910-0416 if you want to discuss using his services.