Daniel Student

Creativity and human centered empathy in the body of an MBA candidate


"When Bootless decided to stage the modern masterpiece The Pillowman by McDonagh, only an amazingly talented and highly professional director would do. Daniel delivered on all points. From initial concept to final product, no detail was missed. Daniel’s approach to the script was insightful and full of fresh nuances. I was delighted to work with a young, emerging director with the capacity to make the work about the “work” and not about himself. His passion and devotion  is extremely genuine and real."

Rosanne DellAversano, Bootless Artworks

"The best directors I have worked with have the same visual recognition of a piece. What is extraordinary about Daniel is that he can back this visual identification up with intelligent and thought-provoking script analysis and book work. He is not afraid of hard work, commits to a piece fully when he is working on it and embraces bold and new interpretations of a text. He is also capable of working with small budgets and challenging venues."

-Emma Gibson, Tiny Dynamite Productions

“As an Artistic Director, when working with a director for the first time you’re always taking a risk.  You don’t know what the person’s like to work with, if they manage their time well, or if they can handle a cast.  And then there’s always the concern about the production quality.  With Daniel, those fears fly out the window very quickly.  From the second he walks into the theatre he exudes preparation and is a consummate professional.  His work is polished and reliably solid and he’s a positive energy to have in any organization.  I would hire him back in an instant – oh wait…I did.”

- Chad Rabinovitz, Bloomington Playwrights Project


 "In 2011 I set out to produce my own Philly Fringe show I sought him out as my first choice of directors. It was a solo show, so Dan worked with me both as a playwright with a work-in-progress, and a performer, helping me shape the material as I found ways to act it with the most dramatic impact while remaining authentic as an autobiographical storyteller. I am most eager to work with him again on future projects, and highly recommend him. He's smart, giving, patient, and knows how to bring out the strengths in his performers--sometimes strengths they didn't even know they possessed."

-Jeffrey Stanley, Beautiful Zion: A Book of the Dead

“I engaged Dan to direct a production of my play, Salesmanship For Life and Limb, at Plays & Players in 2009.  It was a difficult play to stage and required a sizable cast and production team.  It's hard to believe that there were no arguments, no disagreements, and recriminations...on either side.  Dan assembled an excellent team that overcame severe technical challenges presented by the text.  He upheld the spirit of the play whenever we met to discuss staging, dialogue, and scenery.  With Dan, the play was much funnier than I previously imagined and much more successful than I dared to predict.”

- Thomas Tirney, Salesmanship For Life & Limb


“Daniel's greatest gift is in asking questions.  You don't get to gloss over any moments and therefore you don't miss what the play is giving you.  It is a relief to have this kind of help when approaching a role, knowing that you are not alone in searching for the heart of your character.  His energy and commitment encompass all the details of the play yet it is clear that to Daniel, the actor is a valued collaborator, not a chess piece, and he will work with you to take ownership of your performance."

-Andrew Gorell, Jeffrey

“After having worked with Dan on Take Me Out he became my favorite director. His attention to detail and his ability to weave the arcs of characters, scenes, and the play together is unique. He gave me as an actor the space to create and be heard while exposing me to nuances that allowed my character to be wonderfully layered."

- Gerard Joseph, Take Me Out

"Daniel created an organized, professional environment, conscientious of the value of an actors time. He showed respect for his actors and their ideas in character development, he brought patience and good humor and, perhaps most importantly, a heartfelt approach, and a sincere conviction about the importance of the work. I sensed from him a belief that what we do on stage matters and affects peoples live. I see in Daniel sincerity, intellect, and the all important vision of an artist."

-Bob Weick, Joe Turner's Come and Gone